"My boys are having fun and gaining confidence to be more creative on the fly - can't ask for much more than that!"

"Phenomenal program, Coaches, communication"

"Excellent coaching and team building. Great players"

"It has been an excellent experience, it is a great program to get my son some extra off season playing time as well as some high level coaching."

"So far, very good. My son said he is learning more than he ever did in his youth lacrosse league"

"We have had an amazing experience. One of the most tell tale signs that this was an amazing program was when my son who was playing with a high school team Mussels and another league, said he enjoyed playing on all teams, but he learned the most from his Mussels coaches. He truly values his coaches and his team mates."

Parent and Player Testimonials

"This has been a great program. The coaching is great and cost is fair-to-good compared to other programs. emails from Cooper Quenneville are helpful. Scrimmages between Mussels & school teams are fun."

"The coaching staff has been absolutely positive, helpful and supportive of my players!"

"Exciting program with great organization and coaching. Very encouraging for the kids."

"Very well run. Outstanding communication, really. Probably the best of any organization we have been involved with"