Player Development and Recruitment Program:

Director: Coach Quenneville- Bowdoin College and Owner of the Maine Mussels

Individual Basis (2021s, 2020s, 2019s)

Goal: Individualize the recruiting process for each player that signs up for this program

What You Get as a Player:

  • 4 Meetings with Coach Q
  • $150 for all 4 meetings 

1st Meeting: 1 v 1 personal coaching.  Players are given drills to work on in their free time to help improve their game.  Players will also receive help on creating a player profile to send out to college coaches; players will be given access to the program Krossover.  

2nd Meeting: What is the player looking for?  Competition level? Location? Academics? Size?  We will assist in researching schools based on player's interests and based off the recruitment form that will be given to each player signed up for the program.  

3rd Meeting: Come together to discuss the schools that were researched. Reach out to the coaches on behalf of the player.  Research prospect days and provide logistical assistance. 

4th Meeting: Before visit for final preparation and after visit to advise on how to keep communications and updates between player/coach going.