1. The Mussels will be bringing three teams to tournaments this summer.  These teams will be a PG/2019/2020 (Green Team), 2021/2022 (Navy Team) and a 2023/2024/2025 (Futures Team).
  2. Players who register for Travel will be evaluated over the course of 4 practices (May 13, May 20, June 18, June 19).  This will give our coaching staff more opportunities to evaluate all players.
  3. All players who wish to be evaluated for tournaments must purchase the uniform on the store when it opens in May
  4. For those that are not selected to travel or for those who do not want to travel, the Mussels have set up League play at both the high school and middle school level.  Players participating in the leagues will be reserve players for tournaments and will benefit from quality coaching as well.  
  5. Payments due for all players being evaluated for tournaments: First installment of $150 due by May 20; Second installment of $350 for those chosen to travel will be due by June 25th.  
  6. Positional Training will be offered to all players that were evaluated for travel at no additional cost 
  7. The Face Off clinics are separate from all other programs and will be billed as such. 

Summer 2018 Programs Facts Sheet